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International Language School

The first Slavic Gymnasium in Prague offers you to learn with us!


Education in Europe

A four-year high school with the extensive foreign language teaching programmm offers a broad range of educational services to the students from around the world. The students are taught the three worlds most common languages, receive an extensive overview of the literature, history, international relations, economics and politics. The schools international environment is the ground of sucessful teaching of foreign languages. While studying at our school students will receive an international outlook as well as acquire interesting contacts with foreign countries.


This high school has opened its doors in 2006. It was registered in the Czech schools register as a private four-year school with a focus on foreign languages. The school was established as a non-profit organization that uses all of the funds obtained to finance the education of their students. In 2013 we started to cooperate with the Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication and the Institute of East European Studies at Charles University in Prague, and have acquired the status of a teaching school.


We are the International High School that uses the model of joint education both of Czech and foreignnationals. The fact that students learn different languages, culture and country both in a classroom as well as via communication with their peers prepares them for future opportunity of succesfull work in the multicaltural environment of a multinational company at home or abroad. This is supported by a practice of sending our 3rd and 4th years students for the internships in government organizations, private firms and banking institutions with whom we closely cooperate. The study plan includes, inter alia, the teaching of law, diplomacy and international relations, economics and political science. Our students actively participate in the events held on Prague, national and international levels. We also offer a wide range of extracurricular sports and cultural activities.


The first Slavic Gymnasium in Prague, unlike any other private and public secondary schools offers a unique and wide range of taught foreign languages. While at school te students have an opportunity to communication a daily level in several languages. During their studies our students have to learn a compulsory English and German languages and also have a possibility to select an optional language such as Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese as well as and conversational English. We are ready to considering include in the program other foreign languages upon the demand of the students. Our alumni are known to have a good command of two or three worlds‘ languages.



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